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Tour Description for Angkor Wat One Day Tour

Our Angkor Wat One Day Tour brings you the best of the Angkor Archeological Site. Visit Angkor Thom, the jungle temple Ta Prohm and the most famous Angkor Wat with our certified guides.

We offer you a tailored tour. The tour description shows our suggested tour which we consider best. If you have special requests like late pick-up, lunch at a local restaurant or you want us to plan the least crowded route of Angkor, let us know.

Prices per Group for Angkor Wat One Day Tour



1-3 1-3 4-15
English speaking Guide 89 USD 99 USD 125 USD


Gallery of the Angkor Wat One Day Tour

Duration 5am (surise) to 4pm (depends on walking speed and tour preferences)
WEAR Comfortable clothing, sturdy shoes, hat and sunscreen.
Certified Guide Driver Entrance Fee for Guide & Driver
Pick-Up in Siem Reap Transportation
Entrance Fee: 37 USD (since 2017)

The Entrace fee is not included in the price because it is charged by the Authority for the Protection and Management of Angkor and the Region of Siem Reap at the sales booth on road to Angkor. The price for the Angkor Wat One Day Passs: 37 USD.

Food & Drinks

We don’t take commissions from restaurants and want you to have free choice of food type.

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Sunrise over Angkor Wat:

Pick-up at your hotel: Early departure from your hotel to watch the unforgettable sunrise in front of Angkor Wat, which is the most famous temple-complex of the Angkor Archaeological Park. The whole archeological site extends over 400 square kilometers / 154 square miles and was declared UNSECO world heritage in 1992.

Breakfast: After seeing the colors of the sunrise reflecting in the lakes in front of the unique architectural structures of Angkor Wat, you can decide if you want to go back to your hotel to have breakfast or if our guide should recommend a restaurant.

Angkor Thom - South Gate Entrance
Angkor Thom – South Gate Entrance

Angkor Thom:

After breakfast our driver will bring the group to the South Gate of Angkor Thom. It is the most beautiful and best preserved of the five entrances to Angkor Thom, the biggest complex of the Angkor Archaeological Park. The royal city Angkor Thom was built in the late 12th to early 13th century.

Bayon Temple: Here you will visit the main temple Bayon built by king Jayavarman VII. It is famous for its 37 towers with sculptural decorations many of them with the iconic faces carved into the rocks.

Terrace of the Elephants: As you would guess by the name this site is formed by three platforms surrounded by stone carved elephants and the portrayal of an elephant hunt.

Angkor Thom
Angkor Thom in the Angkor heritage site

Terrace of the Leeper King: It is said to be one of the most beautiful Khmer artworks. The name comes from king Yasovarman I who built the first city of Angkor and died of leeper. The relief is very detailed an well preserved.

Phimeanakas: The royal temple is one of the smallest temples of Angkor. On top of the 12 meters / 39 feet high Pyramid you have a great view on the whole archeological site of Angkor Thom.

Lunch break in the Angkor area:

You can decide where you want to have your lunch and whether you prefer local food or international cuisine. Grilled seafood, a Khmer Curry or a steak with fries, it is your decision.

Ta Nei Temple

This small temple is about 4.5 km/ 2.8 mi from Angkor Wat and doesn’t belong to the main tourist areas of Angkor because tour buses don’t reach the site. Therefore it is not so crowded and you have space to explore the temple of king Jayavarman VII with your guide.

Ta Prohm: The Jungle Temple of Angkor
Ta Prohm: The Jungle Temple of Angkor

Ta Prohm

Before exploring the most famous temple Angkor Wat, our driver will bring you to Ta Prohm, the “Jungle Temple”, which was built by Jayavarman VII to honor his mother. The temple got swallowed by the jungle. The impressive Bayon architecture merges with the jungle. It is especially famous because of the movie “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” featuring Angelina Jolie. It is an unforgettable set-up of nature taking in a former civilization.

Pagoda of Angkor Wat
The Pagoda of Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat:

After a short ride you will explore Angkor Wat, the most famous temple of the Angkor Archaeological Park. Angkor Wat with its Pagoda was once the center of the powerful Khmer kingdom. You can climb the steep steps to go up to the tower and have a magnificent view over the Angkor heritage site. Your guide will tell you the interesting stories of the Khmer empire and the kings from long ago. One thing is for sure. You will not get bored. Maybe your feet will get tired but this UNESCO world hertiage is worth the effort.

Drop-off at the hotel

Our driver will bring you back to the hotel.

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Tour Itinerary

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Size of group1-3, 4-15
Guide's languageEnglish, German, Spanish
TransportTuk-Tuk, Car, Van
Pick-up timeAfter breakfast (approx. 08:30 – 10:00am), Sunrise (approx. 04:30-05:00am)